Turning Sales Reps Into Prospecting Machines

Fast ramp up of sales reps through automated conversation role plays

No monthly or annual contract.

So Effective Even A Kid Can Use It
How Monica Works

Step 1

You share your prospecting talk track (outbound or inbound) with us or let us create a high converting one for you.

Step 2

We custom program Monica to role play the scenarios and personas unique to your prospecting. (Pro and Enterprise Plans)

Step 3

You practice with Monica on a smartphone or computer with personalized feedback to become a prospecting hero.


SaaS Sales Development Rep

"After the classroom training, I knew the opening message and the most common objection responses but I was not confident and smooth. I was using quite a few filler words and forgetting part of my training due to pressure and nervousness. However, practicing with Monica allowed me to have multiple realistic conversations that boosted my confidence. Our cohort was able to meet our appointment quota four weeks sooner than previous teams who did not have Monica to help them." - Nina L., Seattle

B2C Financial Service Sales

"I call prospects in a highly competitive market. My prospects get several calls and it is important to highlight our differentiated value quickly to the prospects. Practicing with Monica increased my confidence, improved my tone, and almost doubled my appointments to connect rate on calls after just two weeks of daily practice." - Monty B., Cleveland

B2B Service Sales Rep

"When I joined my current company, I already had more than 10 years of sales experience but I did not know the details of our services. We had several services and target prospect personas. Practicing with Monica reduced the time it took me to get my messaging right for the new company by several weeks." - Jude Z., Denver

Pricing Plans



  • Template based scenario
  • 2 hours of role play
  • Email support


$50 / scenario

  • Fully customized scenario to match your unique sales process and training
  • 15 hours of role play
  • Priority email support


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  • Fully customized scenario to match your unique sales process and training
  • Unlimited hours of role play
  • Manager dashboard
  • Phone support